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Hi, I’m Hollie Barac

Productivity Coach and Cheerleader

The Organised Biz Village:
Chaos to Calm for Creative
Women in Business

More time for the things you love

Learn how to plan and organise your days to enjoy more of the things you love. Yoga, family, dancing, wine…

Strategies for your business growth

Discover the best strategies to suit your planning and organisation needs that will help you move forward in your business.

Helping You Move Forward in Your Business

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Let’s not beat around the bush. Running a creative business is damned hard work. All you want to do is create your work and share with the world, but there’s all this other stuff you need to do to get your name out there. So many things, and it all starts with planning and organisation. Don’t worry if planning isn’t your forte, I’ve got you covered, starting with an amazing month-by-month holidays and observances list to help you plan your year’s work.

Discover the strategies that work best for you and your business

Plan and organise each week with ease

Never miss a seasonal opportunity again

Find time in your day you thought was gone forever

Monthly Printables

Planning and organisation printables and exercises to ignite and inspire action to help you move forward in your business

Exclusive Coaching and Support

Exclusive Founding Members access* to me five days a week outside of the Facebook community

*access strictly M-F, 10am-5pm AEST
via Voxer app

Members Only Community

As a member of the Organised Biz Village, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded creatives who can relate to exactly how you’re feeling. There’s no better way than your own village supporting you and cheering you to success

Weekly Co-working Session

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like a bit of company when I’m working. Each week, I’ll host a 90 minute co-working session. Mics off, cameras on (ideally), while we work away for 90 minutes. 

Hi! I'm Hollie.

I’m a Mum, a scientist’s wife, a vintage enthusiast, and a productivity coach at Mayday VA.

I believe every person deserves the gift of time in their every day, especially creative women (and mums) in business.

Being strategic is natural for me, even though I’m a creative at heart. By sharing my knowledge and skills in planning and organisation, I show creative women that planning and organisation don’t have to be boring or overwhelming. I commit to helping each woman find the right solution for their creative business, because at the end of the day, we are all incredibly different.


“Hollie is an organisational goddess. No, I rephrase that. THE organisational goddess!  She has helped me with my productivity and time management by helping me recognise what should take priority. She has also helped me with a lot of planning and
execution in my business. From assisting to launch plans to even social media plans and then has finally held me accountable to then make sure those plans went into place! These are just the tip of the iceberg of Hollie’s help. Her skills and personality make running a business fun and easy! Thanks for everything Hollie!”


Sherbet Creations

“When we began our business journey we had no idea where to start…but Hollie made it so easy! She organised Zoom calls so we could still meet face to face, she created Dropbox folders to keep us organised and make information sharing easy and even set up an online checklist for us to keep track of everything that needed finishing as we got close to launching.”

Heather & Rose

Bambini Tribe

“Hollie is truly committed to her clients overall success. She takes the time to understand your business, vision and client base. Through this rapidly changing world we find ourselves in today, Hollie has been a source of support and ideas. Hollie actively reached out to me to provide me with ideas on how else I could deliver the masterclass content, given that face to face in this COViD-19 crisis is no longer a viable option. Thank you, Hollie, for all your help and support.”


Sutton Full Potential

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Let’s work together to bring your big vision for your business to life.
Let’s find the perfect way to plan and organise that suits you and your lifestyle.
Let’s celebrate your wins, let’s get excited by crossing things off your list.
But most of all, let’s celebrate your success of overcoming the fear of planning and organising.